Hire a Dependable Tree Maintenance Team

Stone Cold Tree Surgeon is a professional tree service contractor that is ready to care for your trees, whether on your residential or business property. Our team will come when an emergency arises or to perform a regular service. Our services are customizable and depend on the size and state of your trees. We will remove the dry and old branches before they cause damage! We accept big and small jobs all over Delevan, NY and the locations within a 50-mile radius. We offer excellent tree maintenance service at a competitive price!

We Offer Full Tree Care
Our team aims for the highest customer satisfaction and the healthiest trees, every time. We always give extra care and attention when we perform our tree service. We want to be sure that the tree’s life is prolonged and our clients will enjoy them for years to come. Our team performs the service and leaves everything in good order. We do our best to care for each tree properly and with the help of the professional equipment and methods we are able to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Trust the Respected Company in Delevan, NY!
Thousands of clients have already trusted us. We have cared for their trees for the past 18 years and still do. We’ve proved that our tree maintenance service is effective. As a nature-friendly contractor, we use professional cutting, pruning, and tree-caring equipment. Our team consists of skilled tree surgeons. We constantly learn new methods and keep upgrading our knowledge. This way, we remain your trusted tree company.

Reach Stone Cold Tree Surgeon‘s specialist today, and we will be there to heal and revive your trees!

Don’t waste any time, but hire our team at (716) 707-8050!



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