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Book a meeting with our tree surgeon, and in no time, we will restore the beauty of your trees. Stone Cold Tree Surgeon’s tree service is available in Delevan, NY and all areas we serve. We offer 24/7 emergency service and we take any job within a 50-mile radius. We will customize our service depending on the season, size, state, plant type, issue, and even our client’s preferences. Dial our phone, and let our professional company care for your trees.

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Ever since our company was established 18 years ago, our team has always observed strict rules and procedures. As your tree carers, we will help you achieve the perfect tree garden. Our team of professionals does everything from tree removal and pruning to cutting and trimming.

Hire Us for a Regular Service or Emergencies!

Not caring for your garden is dangerous. Our tree cutting service will help you with the overgrown, dry, or sick branches. We will cut or trim all limbs that are close too close to power lines, windows, the roof or are about to break. If necessary, our team will remove the whole tree. We will do this and more for you because we care about your safety.

Great Team and Excellent Equipment

Hire Stone Cold Tree Surgeon today for your tree maintenance needs, and see how we put our expertise and experience to use! Our team will use different types of equipment to keep your trees healthy. We will leave you satisfied with the results and our budget-friendly prices.

Hire our tree care company if you want your trees on your Delevan, NY property to be healthy and good looking.

We will remove all stumps as well. Call us today!

Client’s Testimonial
by John F. Mitchell on Stone Cold Tree Surgeon
Reliable Company

I have been a regular client since I moved here. I appreciate the complimentary winter assessments & recommendations for the next year. This year we had our trees trimmed and cleared of damaged branches as well as the accumulated dead branches on the ground. Highly recommend!

Stone Cold Tree Surgeon
Address: Delevan, NY 14042
Phone: (716) 707-8050

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